Watches,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/preclean1468197.html,Watches,,Smart,Watches,,for,$35,Digital,Android,Phones,,Smart Smart Watches Free shipping on posting reviews Digital Android for Phones $35 Smart Watches, Digital Watches for Android Phones, Smart Watches Electronics Wearable Technology Watches,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/preclean1468197.html,Watches,,Smart,Watches,,for,$35,Digital,Android,Phones,,Smart $35 Smart Watches, Digital Watches for Android Phones, Smart Watches Electronics Wearable Technology Smart Watches Free shipping on posting reviews Digital Android for Phones

Smart Watches Free shipping on posting reviews Ranking TOP8 Digital Android for Phones

Smart Watches, Digital Watches for Android Phones, Smart Watches


Smart Watches, Digital Watches for Android Phones, Smart Watches

Product description


Color: black\gold

Support system: Android 4.4 or above\IOS8.0 or above

Screen specification: 1.69 inches\240*280 pixels

Battery: 200Amh\Magnetic Charging\Standby for 7-10 days

Waterproof: IP67

Package list: product packaging box + manual + charging cable

Function: 24h heart rate detection-alarm\body temperature detection\

blood pressure sleep monitoring\custom dial\countdown\music control\

period reminder\24 sports modes\remote photo\step counter\weather forecast\

calories\mileage\call reminder\information APP push

Smart Watches, Digital Watches for Android Phones, Smart Watches


UFC BELLATOR PFL One XXGSSMYXGS 8 inch 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM Tablet PC Windows 10, Suppo

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