$34 BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 , Fitness T Electronics Wearable Technology BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless in 1 Earbuds Fitness Ranking TOP18 2 T BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless in 1 Earbuds Fitness Ranking TOP18 2 T avon-city.ru,Fitness,Electronics , Wearable Technology,BELESH,Smart,with,Earbuds,Watch,in,2,$34,Dual,,,T,/preclean1301497.html,Wireless,1 $34 BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 , Fitness T Electronics Wearable Technology avon-city.ru,Fitness,Electronics , Wearable Technology,BELESH,Smart,with,Earbuds,Watch,in,2,$34,Dual,,,T,/preclean1301497.html,Wireless,1

BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless in 1 At the price of surprise Earbuds Fitness Ranking TOP18 2 T

BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 , Fitness T


BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 , Fitness T

Product Description

BELESH fitness bracelet, change a new and healthy lifestyle.

smart watch earbuds

Product parameters

  • App operating system: IOS8.5 or higher, Android4.4 or higher
  • The application supports languages: English,Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French etc.
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Screen size: 1.3 inch TFT 240x240 IPS
  • Material: ABS + PC + silicone
  • Operation: screen touch, mobile APP control
  • Bluetooth: BLE 5.0
  • Net weight: 80g
  • Battery capacity: 200mAh
  • Charging method: magnetic charging
  • Time of use: use about 5-7days
  • Charging time: about 3 hours
smart watch earbuds


  • Monitoring function: heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, several training modes, etc.
  • Reminder function: call reminder, SMS reminder, alarm reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm reminder.
  • Other functions: Call rejection,music control, do not disturb mode, etc.

Package contents

  • 1 * fitness tracker
  • 2 * Bluetooth headphones
  • 1 * charger cable 1
  • * instruction manual
H30 S201 S300
H30 S201 S300
Display shape Round Round Rectangle
Bluetooth earbuds
waterproof rate 7 5 5
bluetooth position output output
Touch position full screen full screen Point
Temperature measurement
Material metal metal plastic

  • Solutions to common problems:

1. The dual earphones cannot be paired.

Please check if the headset earbuds power full .

When it is fully charged, it is taken out of the charging warehouse at the same time ,the earbuds will paired automatically.

2. The headset is too small.

The earbuds size is standard. If your ear holes are too large or too small, please do not order them.

3. There is no reminder for incoming messages.

Please confirm the mobile phone settings. There is a message pop-up window on the phone.

The message receiving software is not logged in on the computer.

4. After scanning the QR code, why the headset cannot answer the call.

The bracelet and bluetooth headset are two products, and the bracelet and headset need to be linked separately.

The bluetooth headset connect with mobile phone bluetooth .

Scan the QR code to pair the smart watch.

5.Why the machine is in Chinese and it is totally impossible to use.

In China, the text on our mobile phones are all in Chinese. When the bracelet is linked to the mobile phone, the language of the bracelet will automatically change to the phone language.

Therefore, there is no way to set the language of the bracelet, you have to scan the QR code and pair your phone with the bracelet to change the language.

BELESH Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 , Fitness T


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