$62 Kesper Cheese Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $62,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cutting,Bamboo,Cutlery,Cheese,Board,avon-city.ru,Brown,/preclean1176797.html,with,Kesper Kesper Cheese Factory outlet Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown $62,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cutting,Bamboo,Cutlery,Cheese,Board,avon-city.ru,Brown,/preclean1176797.html,with,Kesper Kesper Cheese Factory outlet Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown $62 Kesper Cheese Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Kesper Cheese Factory outlet Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown Memphis Mall

Kesper Cheese Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown


Kesper Cheese Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown

Product description

Here comes something for connoisseurs. Our bamboo cheese cutting board transforms your dinner table into an elegant gourmet table. You always have your cheese cutlery at hand, as the magnetic holder keeps the included stainless steel cutlery in place. Whether it's Camembert, Edamer or Brie, this cheese cutting board is sure to show off all your favourite varieties. Set with grapes and a few tomatoes, the cosy get-together becomes a unique pleasure.

Kesper Cheese Cutting Board with Cutlery Bamboo Brown


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