Socobeta 16X Full HD High Digital Large discharge sale Definition Camcor Camera Video 16X,Electronics , Camera Photo,,Digital,Camcor,$30,Definition,Camera,High,Socobeta,Video,Full,HD,/preclean1036097.html Socobeta 16X Full HD High Digital Large discharge sale Definition Camcor Camera Video 16X,Electronics , Camera Photo,,Digital,Camcor,$30,Definition,Camera,High,Socobeta,Video,Full,HD,/preclean1036097.html $30 Socobeta 16X Full HD High Definition Digital Video Camera Camcor Electronics Camera Photo $30 Socobeta 16X Full HD High Definition Digital Video Camera Camcor Electronics Camera Photo

Socobeta 16X Full HD High Digital Large discharge sale Definition Selling rankings Camcor Camera Video

Socobeta 16X Full HD High Definition Digital Video Camera Camcor


Socobeta 16X Full HD High Definition Digital Video Camera Camcor

Product description

Color:black, U.S. regulations


This digital camcorder is made of qualified ABS material, provided with good texture and nice treatment, two colors for choosing. 270 degree rotation, you can rotate it as you want, suitable for home use, travel and other scenes to meet your needs of shooting HD precious images everywhere, convenient for reviewing it while shooting. TV 720P high definition output, support camera shooting with audio and built-in loudspeaker. Adopts quality COMS sensor, with anti-shock function, provide stable and professional shooting, image resolution is up to 16MP, video is up to 720P. Supports external memory card up to 32G, strong battery can offer long shooting time. Portable and lightweight, suitable for many uses, home party, outdoor picnic, camping, etc.


Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality

Material: ABS

Color amp; Plug Type: EU Plug Black, EU Plug Red, US Plug Black, US Plug Red (optional)

Sensor: COMS

Mode: Camera, Video

Screen: 2.7inch Screen

Screen Rotation: 270°

ISO: Auto, 100/200/400

Lens: F/3.2 F=7.6mm

Focus Range: Normal: 1.2m-Infinity

DIS: Yes

White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Tungsten/Fluorescent

Exposure: -3.0EV-+3.0EV

Image Resolution: 3MP(2048 x 1536) 1MP(1280 x 960) VGA(640 x 480)

Video Resolution:

Socobeta 16X Full HD High Definition Digital Video Camera Camcor

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