CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb s 36-Port Limited price sale Card Controller SAS Expander Controller,6Gb/s,$335,Expander,,Card,CK23601,SAS,36-Port,/monaxonic1079238.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,CHENBRO CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb s 36-Port Limited price sale Card Controller SAS Expander $335 CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb/s 36-Port SAS Expander Controller Card Electronics Computers Accessories $335 CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb/s 36-Port SAS Expander Controller Card Electronics Computers Accessories Controller,6Gb/s,$335,Expander,,Card,CK23601,SAS,36-Port,/monaxonic1079238.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,CHENBRO

CHENBRO CK23601 Sale Special Price 6Gb s 36-Port Limited price sale Card Controller SAS Expander

CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb/s 36-Port SAS Expander Controller Card


CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb/s 36-Port SAS Expander Controller Card

Product description

SAS expander card expands one SAS address to a number of additional ports. It is an optimal device for usage in data centers. The CHENBRO 36-port SAS expander card provides high performance, high disk drive connectivity, scalability and flexibility in various storage environments. It is a valuable solution to other expansive and complex topologies. See manufacturer website for details.

CHENBRO CK23601 6Gb/s 36-Port SAS Expander Controller Card

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