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Weekly update ZOUSHUAIDEDIAN Dehumidifier Ideal for Living Medium Luxury goods Basem Room

ZOUSHUAIDEDIAN Dehumidifier, Ideal for Medium Living Room, Basem


ZOUSHUAIDEDIAN Dehumidifier, Ideal for Medium Living Room, Basem

Product description

Household and commercial dehumidifier, large capacity, visible water tank, dehumidification, moisture proof, odor, suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, study, cloakroom, basement, warehouse, wine cellar, bathroom

Product parameters:

Input power: 180W

Rated voltage / frequency: 110V-220V / 50Hz

Wind speed: high wind / low wind

Water tank capacity: 3.5L

Timing function: 24-hour timed shutdown

Applicable area: 80 square meters or less

Maximum daily dehumidification: 12L/h

Noise: ≤42dB

Product size: 304*234*490mm

ZOUSHUAIDEDIAN Dehumidifier, Ideal for Medium Living Room, Basem

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