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Mechanical Parts Spring Washer 20/50/100pcs-Multiple specificati


Mechanical Parts Spring Washer 20/50/100pcs-Multiple specificati

Product description

Model Number: 2.4mm ThicknessOutside Diameter: OD 110/115/120/125/130/135/140/145/150mmName: White silicon o-ringThickness: 2.4mmColor: WhiteTemperature Range: -35~200CHardness: 55 hardnessGrade: Food grade o ring sealsPackage: 20/50/100pcs-Multiple specifications- o ring seals gasket can be choosedProduct informationSize:100pcs-Multiple specifications- | Color:150x145.2x2.4mmItem Weight0.035 ounces

Mechanical Parts Spring Washer 20/50/100pcs-Multiple specificati

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