$63 TYC 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Window Regulator Automotive Replacement Parts Window,Replacement,320i,TYC,BMW,$63,avon-city.ru,660385,Right,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rear,Regulator,/molluscoid1176777.html $63 TYC 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Window Regulator Automotive Replacement Parts Window,Replacement,320i,TYC,BMW,$63,avon-city.ru,660385,Right,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rear,Regulator,/molluscoid1176777.html TYC Sale special price 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Regulator Window TYC Sale special price 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Regulator Window

TYC Sale special price 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Regulator Window Popular standard

TYC 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Window Regulator


TYC 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Window Regulator

Product description

Designed to OE specifications, down to the mounting hooks, studs and cable ties, TYC window regulators are fully assembled motor/regulator units ready for hassle free, drop-in fit. At the core of the assembly is a highly reliable electric motor designed to match OE in durability and power for your specific application and, with exact OE style connectors, no wire splicing is required. Choose the right window regulator. TYC window regulator motors have OE anti-pinch safety feature found on vehicles with one-touch, auto-up windows. The anti-pinch technology detects obstructions and lowers back down to prevent pinching, which may cause injury to children or pets.

TYC 660385 BMW 320i Rear Right Replacement Window Regulator

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