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DEZ Furnishings QCLN700640 Cordless Cellular Weekly update Sha OFFicial Light Filtering

DEZ Furnishings QCLN700640 Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Sha


DEZ Furnishings QCLN700640 Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Sha

From the manufacturer

DEZ Furnishings Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shade DEZ Furnishings Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Shade DEZ Furnishings Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade DEZ Furnishings Cordless Blackout Top Down Bottom Up Shade DEZ Furnishings Cordless Light Filtering Top Down Bottom Up Shade
Child amp; Pet Safe - -
Light Control Light Filtering Light Filtering Blackout Blackout Light Filtering
Inside/Outside Mount
Easy to Install
Easy to Operate

DEZ Furnishings QCLN700640 Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Sha

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