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Fisher-Price Scoop and outlet Choice Whirl Popper

Fisher-Price Scoop and Whirl Popper


Fisher-Price Scoop and Whirl Popper

Product description

Product Description

The friendly character on the Fisher-Price Scoop amp; Whirl Popper scoops up colorful balls, whirls them around and sends them popping out to scoop up again! Beat boppin’ music and sound rewards encourage baby to play over and over. Sturdy base and dual hand-grips make it easy for baby to push—and the handle doubles as a ball slide. Baby can slide the three colorful balls down the handle and watch them whirl around in the bowl below!

From the Manufacturer

Calling all walkers! This friendly push-along character scoops up colorful balls, whirls them around, and sends them popping! Not only will your child have fun playing with this toy, but they’ll also be encouraged to walk, helping them strengthen balance and coordination skills. Easy-to-push popper encourages toddlers to walk, developing balance amp; coordination. Pick up amp; pop rewards helps toddlers think about cause amp; effect. Dropping balls down the slide fosters eye-hand coordination. Full of lively music, bright colors amp; action to stimulate baby’s senses. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Fisher-Price Scoop and Whirl Popper

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