$23,/misc/privacy,300ml,Desktop,Electric,avon-city.ru,Ultrasonic,USB,Mist,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Wooden,Vielab,Cooler $23 Vielab 300ml USB Desktop Electric Wooden Ultrasonic Cooler Mist Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Vielab 300ml USB Desktop High quality new Electric Mist Ultrasonic Wooden Cooler $23,/misc/privacy,300ml,Desktop,Electric,avon-city.ru,Ultrasonic,USB,Mist,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,Wooden,Vielab,Cooler $23 Vielab 300ml USB Desktop Electric Wooden Ultrasonic Cooler Mist Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Vielab 300ml USB Desktop High quality new Electric Mist Ultrasonic Wooden Cooler

Vielab 300ml USB Desktop High Houston Mall quality new Electric Mist Ultrasonic Wooden Cooler

Vielab 300ml USB Desktop Electric Wooden Ultrasonic Cooler Mist


Vielab 300ml USB Desktop Electric Wooden Ultrasonic Cooler Mist

Product description


Material: Wood
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 2W
Water Capacity: 300ml
Auto Shut-off: Yes(3 Hours Timing)
Size: Approx.100x100x85mm
Body Color: Light Wood / Dark Wood
Package Included:
1 x Humidifier
1x USB Cable

Vielab 300ml USB Desktop Electric Wooden Ultrasonic Cooler Mist

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Life at Queen's

Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

Your new home

Awards and accreditations

Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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Top universities in the world for 2021

THE World University Rankings 2021

In the UK for research intensity

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