Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 Still MP Image Camc Challenge the lowest price of Japan HD $189 Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 MP Still Image HD Camc Electronics Camera Photo 38X,HD,,MP,Camc,Panasonic,Still,$189,8.9,Electronics , Camera Photo,Zoom,Optical,/misappropriate1360698.html,HC-V110P-R,Image $189 Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 MP Still Image HD Camc Electronics Camera Photo 38X,HD,,MP,Camc,Panasonic,Still,$189,8.9,Electronics , Camera Photo,Zoom,Optical,/misappropriate1360698.html,HC-V110P-R,Image Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 Still MP Image Camc Challenge the lowest price of Japan HD

Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 Still MP Image San Francisco Mall Camc Challenge the lowest price of Japan HD

Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 MP Still Image HD Camc


Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 MP Still Image HD Camc

Product description


The Panasonic HC-V110 HD Camcorder features a 1/5.8" BSI MOS sensor for recording Full HD 1080/60i video. The lens has a maximum aperture of f/1.8 for excellent low light capabilities, and the 38x optical zoom is supplemented by a 72x Intelligent Zoom. In addition to HD video, the HC-V110 can capture 8.9MP still photographs. Other features include a 2.7" LCD monitor, an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot and an image stabilizer for sharp, handheld shots.

Panasonic HC-V110P-R 38X Optical Zoom 8.9 MP Still Image HD Camc

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