Steel,,x,-,Housewares,,Chai,Canister,/misappropriate1178298.html,Pasta,H31,Premier,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Stainless,$24 Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - x H31 free Steel Stainless Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - x H31 free Steel Stainless $24 Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - Stainless Steel, H31 x Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $24 Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - Stainless Steel, H31 x Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Steel,,x,-,Housewares,,Chai,Canister,/misappropriate1178298.html,Pasta,H31,Premier,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Stainless,$24

Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - x H31 free Steel A surprise price is realized Stainless

Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - Stainless Steel, H31 x


Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - Stainless Steel, H31 x

Product description

Product Description

Premier Housewares offers a wide, varied selection of kitchen accessories at competitive prices designed for any home. They are stylish, easy to clean and durable for everyday use.

Premier Housewares are one of the UK's leading suppliers and distributors of housewares and home lifestyle products to the retail trade.  With an extensive portfolio that covers kitchenware, tabletop and bathroom accessories, as well as soft furnishing, decorative accessories, lighting and occasional furniture, our aim is to provide a complete solution to your housewares retailing needs by offering a comprehensive collection of co-ordinating products.

Set Contains:

1 x Premier Housewares Stainless Steel Chai Pasta Canister

Premier Housewares Chai Pasta Canister - Stainless Steel, H31 x

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