$23 All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board, Sea Turtle Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $23 All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board, Sea Turtle Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Phoenix Mall All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Cutting Board Bamboo Turtle Phoenix Mall All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Cutting Board Bamboo Turtle Bamboo,All,Sea,Board,,Things,avon-city.ru,Two-Tone,Turtle,Cutting,/misappropriate1176998.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Turtles,$23,Sea Bamboo,All,Sea,Board,,Things,avon-city.ru,Two-Tone,Turtle,Cutting,/misappropriate1176998.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Turtles,$23,Sea

Phoenix Mall All Things Sea Turtles 25% OFF Two-Tone Cutting Board Bamboo Turtle

All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board, Sea Turtle


All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board, Sea Turtle

Product description

Color:Sea Turtle

Did you know the average home uses a cutting board 7 times per week, or once per day? You want a piece like that to not only be durable, but to be beautiful so you can leave it out. Our bamboo cutting boards are an eco-friendly and durable product that you can use daily without worry. High quality laser etched designs make these cutting boards a piece of art worthy of display in your kitchen. Our selection of fun designs make every board a conversation piece. These cutting boards also make great gifts for friends, family, and clients.

Our two-tone boards are a contemporary twist, featuring light bamboo edges. The large board measures 10.75 x 13 inches. Wash by hand; not dishwasher safe.

All Things Sea Turtles Two-Tone Bamboo Cutting Board, Sea Turtle

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