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Out of Play


Out of Play

Editorial Reviews

Two of Technos undisputed titans, Umek amp; Beltek return to Toolroom Records with undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated artist albums of 2011, Out Of Play. This dynamic duo has quite literally devastated dancefloors this year with their pounding productions cleaning up the download charts on countless occasions. Umek has cemented his status as a Toolroom favourite, with his acclaimed Toolroom Knights compilation and a forward thinking DJ set at TK5, two huge highlights in this hero s illustrious career. Meanwhile, Beltek has continued his rise to stardom with twisting, floor charging productions weaving their way through hurricane paced sets that have earned him number 1 selling releases and accolades from DJs, peers and fans alike. With this prestigious production partnership locking themselves away in the studio, the creation of 10 essential dancefloor masterpieces was the obvious outcome. The album showcases Umek amp; Belteks versatility, taking you through all dance music dimensions, with the pure tech house groover Rasta Voice setting the scene for the madness that ensues. Driving, heads down action comes from title track Out Of Play and the techno juggernaut Charley Chopper. The pace refuses to relent with progressive melodies courtesy of Firewalk and Pitchcraft, whilst Keep The Frequency is a nod towards their experimental side with a dubstep inspired breakdown, combining big beats and even bigger basslines.

Out of Play

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