NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French shopping Door Cooler And - W Wine Beverage Cooler,/mealless1301578.html,And,Wine,18,NewAir,Bottle,W,-,58,French,Can,$882,Beverage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Door, $882 NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French Door Wine And Beverage Cooler - W Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French shopping Door Cooler And - W Wine Beverage Cooler,/mealless1301578.html,And,Wine,18,NewAir,Bottle,W,-,58,French,Can,$882,Beverage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Door, $882 NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French Door Wine And Beverage Cooler - W Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French shopping Door Cooler And - W Wine Beverage OFFicial

NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French Door Wine And Beverage Cooler - W


NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French Door Wine And Beverage Cooler - W

Product description

Style:58 Can 18 Bottle French Door with Splitshelf

Cools Your Complete Collection:
If you are looking for a fridge that can meet all your entertaining needs, then the NewAir Dual Zone fridge is the one for you. It can accommodate any bottle or beverage, so that you can enjoy all your favorite drinks and entertain guests with ease.

2. Premium Design Finishes:
With craftsman beech wood wine shelves, a seamless stainless-steel frame, and a blue LED light, this fridge is complete with high quality features. Its premium look and timeless appeal compliment any kitchen or home décor. 

3. Dual Temperature Zones for Wine and Beverages:
Get two coolers in one thanks to the French doors that give way to dual cooling zones. Store up to 18 wine bottles at 41-72 degrees in the right zone and up to 48 beverage cans from 36-72 degrees in the left zone. Opening one door at a time lets the other side maintain its temperature for optimal storage conditions.

4. Built-in or Stand-alone Installation:
The quiet, front-venting compressor system and recessed kickplate allow this smart beverage fridge to fit snugly under standard kitchen counters. Just slide it into place for a sleek, integrated look that blends perfectly with your cabinetry — or, let it stand alone. The choice is yours.

5. Accommodate All Beverages with SplitShelf™ Design and Adjustable Shelves:
This fridge features the convenient SplitShelf™ configuration so you can accommodate bottles and cans of all sizes. Simply stack standard-sized cans on the half-shelf. Then, place taller bottles in front. The shelves can be easily adjusted to mix and match the contents of your fridge.

6. Security Lock and Key for Peace of Mind:
Protect your collection from curious or unwelcome visitors with the built-in, security lock and key. Lock both zones at night and while you’re away for peace in mind at all times.

NewAir 18 Bottle 58 Can French Door Wine And Beverage Cooler - W

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Life at Queen's

Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

Your new home

Awards and accreditations

Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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THE World University Rankings 2021

In the UK for research intensity

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