File,/mealless1178578.html,Organizer,Wood,Holder,Mail,Hanging,Magazine,PAG,$24,Wall,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,5-Tier $24 PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Organizer Wood Magazine Home Kitchen Home Décor Products PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Super beauty product restock quality top! Organizer Wood Magazine $24 PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Organizer Wood Magazine Home Kitchen Home Décor Products PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Super beauty product restock quality top! Organizer Wood Magazine File,/mealless1178578.html,Organizer,Wood,Holder,Mail,Hanging,Magazine,PAG,$24,Wall,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,5-Tier

PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Super beauty product restock quality top Discount is also underway Organizer Wood Magazine

PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Organizer Wood Magazine


PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Organizer Wood Magazine

Product description

Color:Retro Brown

PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Organizer Wood Magazine Literature Rack with 6 Hooks

High Quality
The wall file organizer is made of Melamine board, wear-resistant, sturdy and durable, strong load-bearing, suitable for many years and withstand lots of use.

Space-saving Design
The hanging file organizer has 4 separate cascading slots, which is great for sorting files, documents, magazines, stationary, mail, brochures, manila envelopes and notebooks. The bottom compartment can use to storage small tools, such as knives, rulers, keys, tapes and other desk accessories.

Humanize Design
Curved drawer boards can remove the trouble to your finger when carry documents. The back Gourd-shaped hole design, beautiful and practical, easy to mounting on the wall with the hardware, and screws included. The circular corner and smooth edges design can protect people from scratches when using.

Two ways to use
You can use on desk or hanging on the wall. Take full advantage of wall vertical space and keep your desktop clear.

Brand: PAG
Material: Melamine board
Color: Black, Brown, White, Retro White, Retro Brown
Size(inch): 13.6 x 5.12 x 16.5
Package: 1 x 5 Tier Hanging File Organizer
Warranty: 30 Days
If product has any quality problems, please feel free to contact us via Amazon e-mail. Thank you!

PAG 5-Tier Wall File Holder Hanging Mail Organizer Wood Magazine

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