$35 Orgy Of The Living Dead {aka The Hanging Woman} (Remastered and Movies TV Blu-ray $35 Orgy Of The Living Dead {aka The Hanging Woman} (Remastered and Movies TV Blu-ray Orgy Ranking TOP4 Of The Living Dead Woman} Hanging {aka Remastered and Orgy Ranking TOP4 Of The Living Dead Woman} Hanging {aka Remastered and Living,Dead,/manatine1467890.html,{aka,Movies TV , Blu-ray,$35,Orgy,Woman},The,The,and,Of,avon-city.ru,(Remastered,Hanging Living,Dead,/manatine1467890.html,{aka,Movies TV , Blu-ray,$35,Orgy,Woman},The,The,and,Of,avon-city.ru,(Remastered,Hanging

Orgy Ranking TOP4 Of The Living Dead Woman} Hanging Max 87% OFF {aka Remastered and

Orgy Of The Living Dead {aka The Hanging Woman} (Remastered and


Orgy Of The Living Dead {aka The Hanging Woman} (Remastered and

Editorial Reviews

Remastered From The Original Uncut 35MM Negative

Go Beyond the Grave Into a World of Horror!

The Original Eurohorror Zombie Classic!

From director Jose Luis Merino (Scream Of The Demon Lover) comes this eerie and erotic masterwork of Gothic Spanish/Italian cinema, Orgy Of The Living Dead! When handsome gentleman Serge (Stelvio Rosi) arrives in a quiet 19th century European village for the reading of his late uncle's will, he immediately enters a nightmare world of mad science, murder and reanimated corpses. First, his cousin is found murdered, hanging by a cemetery tree, a crime that leads Serge to the subterranean lair of a psychotic doctor (Gerard Tichy) and his comely daughter (Dyanik Zurakowska, The Vampires' Night Orgy) who, along with their necrophiliac hunchback slave Igor (horror legend Paul Naschy is one of his weirdest roles) is experimenting with bringing the dead back to life. As Serge gets closer to uncovering the ghoulish secrets of his Uncle's demise, the mystery deepens and the orgy of horror begins.

Also released as The Hanging Woman, Return Of The Zombies and Beyond The Living Dead, Merino's terrifying chiller is filled with atmosphere, dread, nudity, gore and zombies galore and also features memorable appearances by Frankenstein's Bloody Terror's Aurora de Alba and Spasmo's Marina Pia Conte. Full Moon is trilled to be presenting Orgy Of The Living Dead fully uncut on Blu-ray for the first time in America, remastered from the original 35mm negative.

Bonus Feature:

  • The complete alternate Return Of The Zombies Wizard Video release cut!

Orgy Of The Living Dead {aka The Hanging Woman} (Remastered and

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