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Stop Struggling with Your Child


Stop Struggling with Your Child

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Learn how to identify and resolve conflict the easy way with national parenting experts, Evonne Weinhaus M.A. LCSW and Karen Friedman ACSW, co-authors of Award Winning, best selling books "Stop Struggling with your Child" and "Stop Struggling with Your Teen." As featured on major network shows like Good Morning America, Today Show and Oprah Wingrey, learn these practical techniques for building self esteem and bridges with children. This program features real kids with real problems and comes with everyday parenting tips that help parents identify and resolve specific problems. Meet four REAL families and their kids, with real problems and see how these simple tools work! Using a four-step "Stop Struggling" approach to minimize conflict and maximize a child's self esteem. Produced by Peabody Award Winner Ellen Shuman.

Stop Struggling with Your Child

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