Bits,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drill,12mm-65mm,SPRINGHUA,$26,/manatine1106590.html,Tideway,,Forstner,Tips,Woodworking SPRINGHUA Classic Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Bits Tips Woodworking Drill $26 SPRINGHUA Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Drill Bits Tips Woodworking Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools SPRINGHUA Classic Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Bits Tips Woodworking Drill $26 SPRINGHUA Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Drill Bits Tips Woodworking Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Bits,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drill,12mm-65mm,SPRINGHUA,$26,/manatine1106590.html,Tideway,,Forstner,Tips,Woodworking

mart SPRINGHUA Classic Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Bits Tips Woodworking Drill

SPRINGHUA Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Drill Bits Tips Woodworking


SPRINGHUA Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Drill Bits Tips Woodworking

Product description

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Type: Forstner Drill Bit
Material: High carbon steel
Blade type: arc edge

When you using this drill bit, the materials (eg. wood, plastic products, plywood ect.)temperature will get very high , please add some water or coolant to avoid the material get smoke.

1 x Forstner Drill Bits

Tideway 12mm-80mm Industrial Grade Forstner Drill Bits

1:The use of advanced technology manufacturing, high-quality materials, long service time.2:Drill holes neat, smooth, no broken edge, will not produce tremor phenomenon.3:Incision resistance is small, improve the drilling speed, chip removal easily.4:Can be used for a variety of wood, wood products, plastics, plywood and other materials openings.5:Easy to install, easy to use, only need to be installed in the ordinary hand drill can be used.
Work noise is small.

Product Details

Lingsheng power tools


Dimension con version: 1 inch = 25.4mm , 1/2 =12.7mm , 1/4 = 6.35 mm
EX: 1/2 *1/4 1/2=1/2*25.4=12.7mm , 1/4=1/4*25.4=6.35mm

before half or a quarter is refers to the rod diameter , the back half a quarter is refers to the blade diameter.

Special Features

Lingsheng power tools

Three-tooth Arc Design

This product is mainly used for decoration works,furniture,wooden products such as wooden product drilling . carbide casting,blade sharp,mellow openings,isyour home work a good helper.

Cutter Head

The woodworking puncher is made of carbide and welded with imported welding technology. It is sharper and more durable than ordinary woodworking punches.

Blade Edge

Rigorous design and development and repeated testing of the corners not only improve the efficiency of use, but also significantly impro

SPRINGHUA Tideway 12mm-65mm Forstner Drill Bits Tips Woodworking

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