TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 26 Ball Inch Bearing Side Deluxe Mount Side,Slides,26,Bearing,$42,Mount,/mackintoshite1468004.html,TBVECHI,Ball,Heavy,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Drawer,Duty,avon-city.ru,Inch Side,Slides,26,Bearing,$42,Mount,/mackintoshite1468004.html,TBVECHI,Ball,Heavy,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Drawer,Duty,avon-city.ru,Inch $42 TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides,26 Inch Ball Bearing Side Mount Tools Home Improvement Hardware TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 26 Ball Inch Bearing Side Deluxe Mount $42 TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides,26 Inch Ball Bearing Side Mount Tools Home Improvement Hardware

TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 26 ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Ball Inch Bearing Side Deluxe Mount

TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides,26 Inch Ball Bearing Side Mount


TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides,26 Inch Ball Bearing Side Mount

Product description

Product description:

This is a new type of heavy-duty lock slide rail, with good stability, small swing, smooth sliding, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of cabinets, tool cabinets and other large equipment.


Color: silver

Type: Heavy Slide

Material: high quality cold rolled sheet

Bearing weight: 120KG

Surface treatment: blue zinc, electrophoretic black

Installation form: drawer side installation

Size: 26 inches (650 mm)

Thick point length: 25.6 inches

Extended length: 51.7 inches

The package includes:

1 pair of heavy-duty slide rails (not including mounting brackets and screws)

TBVECHI Heavy Duty Drawer Slides,26 Inch Ball Bearing Side Mount



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