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Caplugs 99190091 Plastic Now on sale Round Cap 0.20 VC-203-16 70% OFF Outlet Vinyl ID

Caplugs 99190091 Plastic Round Cap VC-203-16, Vinyl, Cap ID 0.20


Caplugs 99190091 Plastic Round Cap VC-203-16, Vinyl, Cap ID 0.20

Product description

Vc Series caps are extremely flexible and durable protective closures that are ideal for use as thread Protectors, dust and moisture seals, pipe and stud end color coding, and for masking during painting or plating operations.:: a: 0.203, b: 0.29, C: 1.000.

Caplugs 99190091 Plastic Round Cap VC-203-16, Vinyl, Cap ID 0.20



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