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Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Trust 55% OFF Waterproof Act Smart Sports Watch

Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Waterproof Smart Watch Sports Act


Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Waterproof Smart Watch Sports Act

Product description


This is a multifunctional watch that can help your life. This lightweight, waterproof smartwatch provides actionable advice, personalized guidance, exercise on the screen, and more. It helps you achieve your fitness goals. Run your day with notifications, quick replies, apps, music and more than 4 days of battery life.

Smart call watch
-Material: Zinc alloy case/plastic, TPU strap/leather.
-Size: 21x4.3x1.3 cm/8.27x1.69x0.51 inch.

Screen:1.3-inch IPS
Touch Panel:Full screen touch
App:Wearfit 2.0
Charging method:Fit magnetic charging

Hardware parameter:
System version:Android above 4.4 or IOS above 8.4

Software function:
Receive/Reject phone calls/ Dial phone call,Heart rate detecting,Blood/Blood oxygen pressure detecting,Sleep detecting,Sedentary reminder,Sports pedometer/calorie consumption/track record/exercise time,Call reminder and display,Message is pushed and displayed,Remote control camera,Automatically heart rate measurement,Multi-Sport measurement,Clock reminder,Alarm reminder,5 kinds of dials default. APP customized watch faces are optional.

Bracelet supports languages:English,Chinese, Spanish, French,Russian, Portuguese, Polish.
APP(Wearfit 2.0) supports languages:English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic,Chinese.

Package Including

1 * Smart Watch
n1 * Charger
n1 * Manual

Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Waterproof Smart Watch Sports Act



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