Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3 8" Long knob Challenge the lowest price 4 Black Matte Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3 8" Long knob Challenge the lowest price 4 Black Matte $24,/mackintoshite1177004.html,(4),Black,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,1-3/8",1203-1055-P,knob,,Matte,Berenson,Long $24,/mackintoshite1177004.html,(4),Black,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,1-3/8",1203-1055-P,knob,,Matte,Berenson,Long $24 Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3/8" Long knob Matte Black (4) Tools Home Improvement Hardware $24 Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3/8" Long knob Matte Black (4) Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3 8

Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3/8" Long knob Matte Black (4)


Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3/8" Long knob Matte Black (4)

Product description

Item Package Quantity:4

Berenson's Century Edge collection adds modern accent to any home. Sleek and simple, this contemporary design will add sophisticated style. Available in 6 finishes that are sure to match any décor in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and mud rooms.

Berenson 1203-1055-P 1-3/8" Long knob Matte Black (4)



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