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Pier New mail order Paolo SALENEW very popular Pasolini Collection Vol. Accatone 2 The and Hawks

Pier Paolo Pasolini Collection, Vol. 2 (Accatone / The Hawks and


Pier Paolo Pasolini Collection, Vol. 2 (Accatone / The Hawks and

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Pier Paolo Pasolini Collection, Vol. 2 a collection of Pasolini's works (Accatone / The Hawks and the Sparrows / The Gospel According to Saint Matthew) in a three disk dvd box set.

From the Back Cover

This special three disc set contains: Accattone, The Hawks and the Sparrows, and the Gospel According to St. Matthew - all available for the first time on DVD. Accattone, Pasolini's first film, is a harrowing realistic and unsentimental look inside the slums of Rome, where prostitutes, hustlers and petty thieves attempt to eke out an existence any way they can. The Hawks and the Sparrows, features Italy's stone-faced clown Toto as an Everyman who travels the road of life accompanied by his empty-headed son, and a talking crow, waxing philosophical on the passing scene. Oedipus Rex was filmed in and around an awesome 15th century adobe city in the Moroccan desert. Pasolini's version retains the basic elements of the Sophocles tragedy. A young man, abandoned at birth by his parents, is foretold of his doomed fate by an oracle; nonetheless he murders his father and marries his mother.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Collection, Vol. 2 (Accatone / The Hawks and

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