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Dolicer Artificial Maple Leaf Wreath Pumpkins Pi Fort Worth Mall with Super beauty product restock quality top! Sunflowers

Dolicer Artificial Maple Leaf Wreath with Sunflowers Pumpkins Pi


Dolicer Artificial Maple Leaf Wreath with Sunflowers Pumpkins Pi

Product description

If you are looking for that special autumn decoration to transform your front door décor, this is the wreath for you! Handcrafted on a natural base with faux harvest pine cones, mini pumpkins, and silk fall foliage.

The front door wreath Specification:
Material: Rattan, foam, polyester fabric leaves
Product Dimension: 15.7 Inch
Occasions: The front door wreath is suitable for front door, hallway,entryway and so on.It is perfect for enjoying the beauty of craft without any mess or maintenance. It was made for a wonderful and affectionate gift for your family and friends. In addition,it is a charming decorative display in your home.

The front door wreath Features:
The best gift for your family and friends.
It is easy to hang on any nails and hooks.The product is made from healthy and eco-friendly materials.It is decorated with leaves and berries,which gives you a realistic feel.

Package includes:
1 x Decorative Wreath

Our Brand: Check out all our selected artificial flower options search: Dolicer!

Dolicer Artificial Maple Leaf Wreath with Sunflowers Pumpkins Pi

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