Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent store Soft Microfiber Silho,/latterly1079311.html,$21,Dish,Pack-Super,4,Towels,Kitchen,Soft,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Microfiber,Silho,Absorbent Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent store Soft Microfiber Silho $21 Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent Soft Microfiber,Silho Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining,/latterly1079311.html,$21,Dish,Pack-Super,4,Towels,Kitchen,Soft,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Microfiber,Silho,Absorbent $21 Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent Soft Microfiber,Silho Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent store Max 79% OFF Soft Microfiber Silho

Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent Soft Microfiber,Silho


Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent Soft Microfiber,Silho

Product description

Size:4-Pack 18" x 28"

Size amp; Package:

Dish Towels for Kitchen Set of 1, each towels size: 18x28 inches
Dish Towels for Kitchen Set of 2, each towels size: 18x28 inches
Dish Towels for Kitchen Set of 3, each towels size: 18x28 inches
Dish Towels for Kitchen Set of 4, each towels size: 18x28 inches


✔ Ultra soft microfiber fabric, won't hurt your hand or scratch the surface of the tableware
✔ Good water absorption and strong cleaning, the dish cloth makes you fall in love with cleaning, and cleaning becomes simple, save your time
✔ Perfect for other daily cleaning, can be used as dish towels, kitchen towels, hand towels, drying dishes, bar towels and tea towels
✔ Kitchen Towels Decorative Set perfect for men women kids used, good for bathroom, kitchen, bathtub, shower room, farmhouse and other place need the towels
✔ Dish rags are easy to clean, machine washable and hand washable, dry quickly, please do not use bleach to ensure it's durability

Kitchen Dish Towels 4 Pack-Super Absorbent Soft Microfiber,Silho

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