Inch,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,Interactive,Deyowo,Infrared,32,/instillation1467896.html,$132,10,Touch,Ov,,Points,Screen,IR $132 Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Infrared IR Touch Screen Ov Industrial Scientific Digital Signage Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Ov Touch IR Infrared Screen discount Inch,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,Interactive,Deyowo,Infrared,32,/instillation1467896.html,$132,10,Touch,Ov,,Points,Screen,IR Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Ov Touch IR Infrared Screen discount $132 Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Infrared IR Touch Screen Ov Industrial Scientific Digital Signage

Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Ov Max 53% OFF Touch IR Infrared Screen discount

Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Infrared IR Touch Screen Ov


Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Infrared IR Touch Screen Ov

Product description


We are the professional manufacturer and supplier of touch screen product whose with over ten years experience, including Infrared touch overlay, P-cap touch panel, touch monitor,touch AIO PC, touch kiosks. Industry sector cover Kiosks, Digital Signage, Interactive display and Whiteboard and so on. We can provide ODM/OEM service.


●Product name: 32 inch interactive IR infrared touch scree frame overlay panel

●Detection Method: Infrared rays

●Detail size data

Display area: 701.7*mm*396.3mm

Outside area: 747.7*442.3mm

Frame thickness: 9.4mm

●Ratio: 16:9

●Touch Points: 10 points

●Object Touch Size: ≥ Ø5mm

●Touch Activation Force: Non Minimum activation force

●Touch Durability: Over 60 millions for single touch

●Touch Resolution: 32768*32768

●Position Accuracy: 2mm

●Fault Tolerance: Workable even 75% sensors are damaged

●Frames per Second: Up to 450 fps

●Touch Response Time: 8ms

●Draw Response Time: 15ms

●Altitude: 3,000m

●Light Transmission: 100% without glass

●Operating Systems: Driver free for Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Native Linux, Android

Need to install the HID driver in Mac OS(Does not support Smart TV Android system, Raspberry Pi)

(Does not support Smart TV Android system, Raspberry Pi)

●Second-development Support: free SDK, support C/C++, C#, Java etc.


●Operating Voltage: DC 4.5V ~ DC 5.5V

●Power Supply: Single USB Connection

●Power Consumption: 1.0W (200mA at DC 5V)


●Operating Temperature: -20°C~70°C

●Storage Temperature: -30°C~80°C

●Operating Humidity: 10%~90%RH(Non-condensing)

●Storage Humidity: 0~95%RH

●Certification: FCC,CE,ROHS

●Warranty: 3 year

Deyowo 32 Inch 10 Points Interactive Infrared IR Touch Screen Ov


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