$60 WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Toys Camera Mini Cartoon Rechargeable Electronics Camera Photo $60 WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Toys Camera Mini Cartoon Rechargeable Electronics Camera Photo Digital,Electronics , Camera Photo,$60,Camera,avon-city.ru,/instillation1035996.html,WXLSQ,Toys,Cartoon,Rechargeable,Camera,Mini,Kids WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Mini Max 79% OFF Rechargeable Cartoon Toys WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Mini Max 79% OFF Rechargeable Cartoon Toys Digital,Electronics , Camera Photo,$60,Camera,avon-city.ru,/instillation1035996.html,WXLSQ,Toys,Cartoon,Rechargeable,Camera,Mini,Kids

WXLSQ Kids Camera Bombing free shipping Digital Mini Max 79% OFF Rechargeable Cartoon Toys

WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Toys Camera Mini Cartoon Rechargeable


WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Toys Camera Mini Cartoon Rechargeable

Product description


Kids Cartoon Digital Cameras - Best Gift for Kids
Why should you choose Kids Cartoon Camera?
kids camera is a digital product specially designed for children with cute cartoon protective cover which is best gift for girls or boys.

24 Mega pixels and 1080p HD video, Kids can enjoying the fun of taking high qualified pictures and this camera can exert children's imagination well, is a good toy for children go outside traveling or daily record.

Package weight: 231g
Battery capacity: 1100mAh
Display Screen: 2 inches IPS Screen
Charging voltage: DC DC-5V/1A
Photo resolution: 4608 x 3456 Pixels
Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Charging time: about 3 hrs
Product size: 2.95*1.77*0.98 inches
Battery life: continuous shooting over 2000 photos, continuous recording over 2 hrs
Camera features: take photos, video, continuous shooting, timing, playback, filters

What's in the box?
1 x Kids Camera
1 x Animal Silicone Protective cover
1 x Silicone Lanyard
1 x USB Cable
1 x 32GB TF card

WXLSQ Kids Camera Digital Toys Camera Mini Cartoon Rechargeable


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