Jazar Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Kids Camera Good Digital for Partner Children $22 Jazar Kids Camera, Good Partner Digital Camera for Children for Electronics Camera Photo Partner,/hypophyll1176734.html,for,avon-city.ru,$22,Good,Electronics , Camera Photo,Children,Jazar,for,Digital,Camera,,Kids,Camera Partner,/hypophyll1176734.html,for,avon-city.ru,$22,Good,Electronics , Camera Photo,Children,Jazar,for,Digital,Camera,,Kids,Camera Jazar Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Kids Camera Good Digital for Partner Children $22 Jazar Kids Camera, Good Partner Digital Camera for Children for Electronics Camera Photo

Jazar Free NEW before selling Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Kids Camera Good Digital for Partner Children

Jazar Kids Camera, Good Partner Digital Camera for Children for


Jazar Kids Camera, Good Partner Digital Camera for Children for

Product description



1. Multi‑function, including 12MP photo catch, video recording, playback, delayed catching, continuous shooting, etc.
2. Full of fun, children can choose different scenes and photo frames before taking pictures.
3. Joystick design, simple and smooth operation, supports camera and video operations and playing games.
4. It can be a good partner for children's daily life or vacation travel. Support multiple languages.
5. This is the best Thanksgiving/Christmas/birthday gift for kids and will surprise them.


Item Type: Kids Camera
Material: ABS

Model: WT-1516
Screen: 2.4 inch LCD
Pixel: 12MP
Video: 720P (30FPS)
Storage: Support up to 32GB memory card (NOT included)
Battery Type: 600mAh lithium battery (Included)
Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours
Use Time: About 2 hours

Package List:

1 x Camera

1 x Data Cable

Jazar Kids Camera, Good Partner Digital Camera for Children for

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