Max 84% OFF Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage 19 38 Containers Set Piec of $24 Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers Set of 19 (38 Piec Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Piec,Find,of,,Lids,Vented,Easy,(38,$24,Storage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,Food,/hypophyll1079134.html,19,Containers Max 84% OFF Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage 19 38 Containers Set Piec of Piec,Find,of,,Lids,Vented,Easy,(38,$24,Storage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,Food,/hypophyll1079134.html,19,Containers $24 Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers Set of 19 (38 Piec Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Max 84% OFF Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage 19 38 Containers Set Piec Max 55% OFF of

Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers Set of 19 (38 Piec


Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers Set of 19 (38 Piec

Product description


Food storage containers with Easy Find Vented Lids that snap on to the container base as well as same-size lids, so you can always find lids when you need them, and your cabinets stay organized Plastic containers are great for meal prep, leftovers, cabinet storage, and more Built-in vents are splatter-resistant, reduces unnecessary clean-ups and messy microwaves Thick, durable container walls withstand everyday use and suitable for a wide range of temperatures Freezer-, top-rack dishwasher-, and microwave-safe base for easy care; Plastic containers are BPA-free and made with non-toxic plastic Set includes (6) 0.5 cup containers, (5) 1.25 cup containers, (6) 2 cup containers, (1) 3 cup container, and (1) 5 cup container with lids - a total of 38 pieces

Easy Find Vented Lids Food Storage Containers Set of 19 (38 Piec

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