Waterford All items in the store Ardan Tonn Double Old of 2 Set Glasses Fashion avon-city.ru,/flamy1468208.html,Glasses,,Double,2,Fashion,Ardan,of,Old,Waterford,$66,Set,Tonn,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $66 Waterford Ardan Tonn Double Old Fashion Glasses, Set of 2 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Waterford All items in the store Ardan Tonn Double Old of 2 Set Glasses Fashion avon-city.ru,/flamy1468208.html,Glasses,,Double,2,Fashion,Ardan,of,Old,Waterford,$66,Set,Tonn,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $66 Waterford Ardan Tonn Double Old Fashion Glasses, Set of 2 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Waterford All items in the store Ardan Tonn Double Old of 2 Set Glasses Fashion OFFicial

Waterford Ardan Tonn Double Old Fashion Glasses, Set of 2


Waterford Ardan Tonn Double Old Fashion Glasses, Set of 2

Product description

Waterford Ardan offers the Beauty of Simplicity, quality crystal with a clean, modern design for everyday use. An exciting pattern created with a contemporary lifestyle, Tonn, the Irish word for ‘wave’, is inspired by nature and reminiscent of the streams and currents that surround the breathtaking Irish landscape. Featuring immaculate attention to detail in a simple yet modern way, this Double Old Fashioned Set of two is suitable for every occasion – from a casual dinner to celebratory occasion with friends and family.

Waterford Ardan Tonn Double Old Fashion Glasses, Set of 2

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