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Fever Daydream


Fever Daydream

Editorial Reviews

The Black Queen, the LA-based experimental band featuring Dillinger Escape Plan‰'s Greg Puciato, Telefon Tel Aviv/NIN‰'s Josh Eustis and programmer Steven Alexander, release their debut album, Fever Daydream. ‰''Originally, we had envisioned this project being something much more gauzy and probably guitar-oriented,‰'' said Eustis in an interview with Rolling stone. ‰''At some point it just took a left turn and become very electronic.‰'' In the same interview Puciato joked, ‰''It was rare to find someone else who I could talk about Death, Leprosy, with as well as a New Edition song.‰'' It was those seemingly disparate influences that brought the three musicians together, from Puciato‰'s teenage years of watching MTV‰'s 120 Minutes while simultaneously knowing all of Jodeci‰'s lyrics, Eustis‰' affinity for Kraftwerk and New Edition, and Alexander‰'s childhood home, which championed as much metal as they did Ramp;B.

Fever Daydream

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