Milk Fort Worth Mall Pan With Wooden Non-s Handle Multifunctional Anti-scalding Milk Fort Worth Mall Pan With Wooden Non-s Handle Multifunctional Anti-scalding Handle,,Non-s,With,,Anti-scalding,$96,Milk,Pan,Multifunctional,Wooden,/flamy1468008.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Handle,,Non-s,With,,Anti-scalding,$96,Milk,Pan,Multifunctional,Wooden,/flamy1468008.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $96 Milk Pan With Wooden Anti-scalding Handle, Multifunctional Non-s Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $96 Milk Pan With Wooden Anti-scalding Handle, Multifunctional Non-s Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Milk Fort Worth Mall Product Pan With Wooden Non-s Handle Multifunctional Anti-scalding

Milk Pan With Wooden Anti-scalding Handle, Multifunctional Non-s


Milk Pan With Wooden Anti-scalding Handle, Multifunctional Non-s

Product description


Material: Aluminum alloy
Colour: Black
Specifications: pot diameter 18cm, with tempered glass cover
Suitable for: Induction cooker, gas, ceramic, electric and infrared cookware.

The product images in the packaging do not contain matches. Manual measurement of the product may have an error of a few centimeters, please understand.

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Milk Pan With Wooden Anti-scalding Handle, Multifunctional Non-s

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