Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to Compression Clamp Wall Dallas Mall M 72" 72",Clamp,Hanger,up,Timber,M,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,Wall,/flamy1360908.html,to,Quilt,|,Country,Compression,$49 $49 Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to 72" Compression Clamp | Wall M Home Kitchen Furniture Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to Compression Clamp Wall Dallas Mall M 72" 72",Clamp,Hanger,up,Timber,M,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,Wall,/flamy1360908.html,to,Quilt,|,Country,Compression,$49 $49 Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to 72" Compression Clamp | Wall M Home Kitchen Furniture

Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to Compression Clamp Wall Dallas Sale item Mall M 72

Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to 72" Compression Clamp | Wall M


Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to 72" Compression Clamp | Wall M

Product description

Custom made to fit your quilt. Made here is the USA. Protective lacquer finish unless a unfinished hanger is desired. These hangers work by means of compression and will not harm your precious possession in any way. Hanger fits flush to wall utilizing keyhole slots cut into the backside. No visible fasteners. See second photo for finish options. We will attempt to contact you for your choice of finish. If we are unable to contact you we will send a full sized hanger in the Natural finish.

Country Timber Quilt Hanger up to 72" Compression Clamp | Wall M

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