Terere,Passing,DVD,3,Set,Box,-,$84,/flamy1360708.html,Favela,Guard,avon-city.ru,Fernando,Jitsu,Jiu,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories $84 Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing 3 DVD Box Set Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu New sales DVD Set Box 3 Passing Guard $84 Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing 3 DVD Box Set Movies TV Genre for Featured Categories Terere,Passing,DVD,3,Set,Box,-,$84,/flamy1360708.html,Favela,Guard,avon-city.ru,Fernando,Jitsu,Jiu,Movies TV , Genre for Featured Categories Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu New sales DVD Set Box 3 Passing Guard

Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu New sales DVD Set Bombing new work Box 3 Passing Guard

Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing 3 DVD Box Set


Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing 3 DVD Box Set

Editorial Reviews

Fernando Terere, multiple time world medalist is here to bring you his 3 DVD set on guard passing! Learn from the man who helped raise champions such as Andre Galvao, Rubens Charles, Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri. Covers Open guard, sit up guard, butterfly guard, half guard, and x-guard passes. Language includes the original Portuguese, and optional English and Japanese voiceovers.

Fernando Terere - Favela Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing 3 DVD Box Set

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