$2378 Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP MOS Electronics Camera Photo Frame,Electronics , Camera Photo,with,LUMIX,$2378,Camera,Mirrorless,avon-city.ru,/flamy1301708.html,Panasonic,MOS,Full,S1,24.2MP $2378 Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP MOS Electronics Camera Photo Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless MOS 24.2MP Large discharge sale Camera with Frame,Electronics , Camera Photo,with,LUMIX,$2378,Camera,Mirrorless,avon-city.ru,/flamy1301708.html,Panasonic,MOS,Full,S1,24.2MP Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless MOS 24.2MP Large discharge sale Camera with

Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless MOS 24.2MP Large discharge sale 1 year warranty Camera with

Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP MOS


Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP MOS

Product description

Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 Mirrorless Digital Camera With 24-105mm Lens DC-S1MK

The Lumix DC-S1 is a well-rounded camera offering advanced feature-sets for both stills and video, along with robust physical construction. Characterized by its full-frame 24.2MP MOS sensor, which is supported by an updated Venus Engine, the S1 offers impressive image quality along with a quick 9 fps shooting rate and expanded sensitivity range up to ISO 204800. In regard to video, the S1 can record UHD 4K30p with full-pixel readout, 4:2:0 10-bit color, and unlimited shooting times, as well as 4K60p for up to 29:59.

Features amp; Specifications :

✔️Full Frame Sensor – 24.2-megapixel full-frame (35.6mm x 23.8mm) MOS sensor that provides a wide dynamic range and excellent performance at high sensitivity (ISO 51200 Max sensitivity)
✔️LUMIX S Camera lens – Easy-to-use 24-105mm standard focal macro zoom F4 L-Mount for LUMIX S Series Full-Frame L-Mount digital mirrorless cameras
✔️4K HDR Video - 4K 60p/50p, 4K 24/30P unlimited recording, 4K60P 29:59 min limited recording. HDR Mode and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG). V-Log with Internal 4:2:2 10-bit 4k30/24p (4K60p output only) available via optional software upgrade key.
✔️96MP High-Resolution Mode –A sensor-shift technology suitable for taking very high-resolution landscapes and fine art photos via tripod with toggleable motion correction capabilities
✔️Rugged Mirrorless Camera Design – Dust/splash*/freeze-resistant design withstands heavy field use under harsh conditions for high mobility

Essential Bundle Accessories: Promaster 77MM Protection Filter ,Gripster Flexible Tripod,Micro SD Card Reader,Promaster Basis BCL33B Connect Led Light,Memory Card Caddy SD,Wrist Strap.

Panasonic authorized dealer Includes Full Panasonic 1-Year USA warranty + Extended 3 years warranty available via the registration process.

Panasonic LUMIX S1 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 24.2MP MOS

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