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SKR FSGHJJKN Wind Laptop Cooling Bombing Purchase new work Pad - Inches Laptops Support

SKR FSGHJJKN Wind Laptop Cooling Pad - Support Inches Laptops, [


SKR FSGHJJKN Wind Laptop Cooling Pad - Support Inches Laptops, [

Product description

Power interface: USB2.0 / 1.1 * 2

Rated current: 0.38A

Noise: 21- 23dbA

Product weight: 0.91KG

Air volume: 35- 70CFM

Fan size: 60 * 60 * 15 (mm)

Fan speed: 2400 ± 15% RPM

Product size: 370 * 255 * 27 (mm)

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SKR FSGHJJKN Wind Laptop Cooling Pad - Support Inches Laptops, [

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