Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P WiFi Night V Camera Rapid rise HD $140 Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P HD WiFi Camera, Night V Pet Supplies Dogs HD,720P,WiFi,Night,,$140,Feeder,Pet,V,Automatic,Pet Supplies , Dogs,with,Camera,,Liawnwooo,/flamy1035908.html HD,720P,WiFi,Night,,$140,Feeder,Pet,V,Automatic,Pet Supplies , Dogs,with,Camera,,Liawnwooo,/flamy1035908.html $140 Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P HD WiFi Camera, Night V Pet Supplies Dogs Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P WiFi Night V Camera Rapid rise HD

Liawnwooo Automatic Opening large release sale Pet Feeder with 720P WiFi Night V Camera Rapid rise HD

Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P HD WiFi Camera, Night V


Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P HD WiFi Camera, Night V

Product description

Working over time or needing to go on a last minute business trip but worried about your furry friend?

We understand, and sympathize with your pain.

Our Automatic pet feeder will become an essential part of your pet's life. Worry less when you’re away with our automatic pet food dispenser.

✓ View your pet anywhere anytime. Record, talk, feed or take a snapshot of your pet even when there’s a power outage with our battery back up function.

✓ Helps with portion control and gastric dilation or bloat. Feed at 1 min intervals or up to 24 hours apart.

✓ High quality materials, Our pet feeder is made of high quality ABS material that is eco friendly. The food dispenser and tray is also easy to remove and wash.

Product name: Pet Smart Feeder/Pet Camera Monitor
Grain storage capacity: 3.7L
Minimum grain output: about 5g
Input power: DC 5V 1A
Power interface: Micro USB
Mobile power interface: USB
Rated power: ≤2w
Rated current: ≤300mA
Communication method: Wi-Fi

Smart Pet Feeder
power cable

Liawnwooo Automatic Pet Feeder with 720P HD WiFi Camera, Night V

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