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Editorial Reviews

About the Artist


Red Hawk is a traditional dancer and recording artist. He is the former Chief of the Bird Band for the American Cherokee Confederacy of Utah and also sat on the tribal council of the American Cherokee of Georgia as their tribal Medicine Man and Spiritual Leader. He still holds the honorary title of "Chief."

He is a master storyteller and flute player and has recently been give "Diplomat" status by the International Olympic Committee for his recent performances at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The International Library of Poetry voted him as one of the best poets of 2002 for his spoken words.

Red Hawk has presented to over one million people nationwide in the areas of leadership, diversity training, motivational training, after dinner performances, and keynote addresses. Red Hawk's intriguing background, coupled with his charismatic stage presence, sets him apart immediately as a keynote presenter unlike any other.

Recording Artist:

Windtamer - Enhanced with haunting musical flute backgrounds by Jeff Ball, Red Hawk's words on these tracks explain the sacredness of the Four Directions. Highlighted at the 2002 Winter Games.


The haunting sounds of an American Indian flute never had been heard before by most in the international television audience watching February's Opening Ceremony of the Winter Games. Now several months later, flutist Nino Reyos says the performers made history. "This is the first time Native Americans have had such a large presence in Olympic events," he says. Nino, one of the highlighted flute players for the Opening Ceremonies, has two albums: Warrior of Time and Native Thoughts. His interest in the flute was piqued when he was given one as part of a dance-circle initiation. "Playing the flute comes from the inside," Nino says. "I start to play and the music comes from where I am, what I am thinking about."

As an international flute player who has traveled to such recent places as Sweden, Indian Summer Fest in Milwaukee, and the Teen Institute in Gambier, Ohio. Nino dedicates his talent and time to elevate the native culture through his music.

Recording Artist:

Warrior of Time amp; Native Thoughts - the 2002 Winter Olympics highlighted Segments worldwide. Enchanting flute music by a master flute player.

Songs Remember

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