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American Prayer SEAL limited product High order

American Prayer


American Prayer

Editorial Reviews

Product Description

An American Prayer is Tami Briggs' musical response to the events of September 11, 2001…this music can play a critical role in global healing. Specifically, music has the power to speak to the peacekeeper in each of us. When this happens, we automatically feel love, compassion, harmony, and forgiveness, and send these feelings into the universe. This is deep healing for the world-the intent of this CD.


"I have played your music non-stop; it calms me and gives solace during this troubled time." -- customer

"Please accept my gratitude for your thoughtfulness in sending the CD of patriotic music to my son (stationed in Germany)." -- customer

"We've had so much drama and this CD helps me focus on peace. This helps the world heal." -- customer

American Prayer

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