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Max 45% OFF Xiuganpo Mesa Mall Unlocked Smartphone Mate40 RS U Face Fingerprint 5.8in

Xiuganpo Unlocked Smartphone, Mate40 RS 5.8in Face Fingerprint U


Xiuganpo Unlocked Smartphone, Mate40 RS 5.8in Face Fingerprint U

Product description


1. The 5.8 inch screen allows you to experience a wider view of the world, showing more content in games and videos, while the phone is still small and lightweight.
2. Powerful processor, greatly improved network, runtime speed, frame rate and image smoothness when playing large games and multitasking.
3. Extensible storage up to 128GB supports data and phone calls using 2 SIM cards at the same time, or data storage using small memory cards at the same time.
4. High-definition cameras, vivid colors, and every photo is as beautiful as wallpaper.
5. APP face recognition and fingerprint unlock can always accurately identify, bring you to the science unlock experience.
6. Based on the in‑depth development for Android system, the system is more perfect and smoother.


Item Type: Smartphone
Material: ABS+glass
Color: As Pictures Shown
Weight: Approx. 319g/11.3oz

Model: MATE40 RS
Screen: 5.8 inch HD full screen
Resolution: 960x480
CPU: MTK6580
System: for Android 6.1
Memory: 512 MB
Storage: 4GB
Memory card support: maximum support for 128GB extension (support to install 2 SIM cards and one small memory card)
SIM Card Type: 3G (GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA850/2100MHz Dual Card Dual Standby)
Front camera: 2MP
Rear camera: 2MP
Features: APP face recognition, APP screen fingerprint unlock, with WiFi +BT+FM+GPS
Interface: 1x3.5mm, 1xMicroUSB
Battery type: 3800mAh lithium battery

Package List:

1 x Smartphone

1 x Mobile Phone Case

Xiuganpo Unlocked Smartphone, Mate40 RS 5.8in Face Fingerprint U

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