$485 1 inch X 4-1/4 inch A325 TC Bolt Assembly with A563 DH Heavy Hex Industrial Scientific Fasteners New Shipping Free Shipping 1 inch X 4-1 4 A325 TC with DH A563 Hex Heavy Assembly Bolt Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Assembly,with,Bolt,TC,4-1/4,1,$485,Heavy,inch,Hex,inch,A325,DH,/diglot1176748.html,avon-city.ru,X,A563 New Shipping Free Shipping 1 inch X 4-1 4 A325 TC with DH A563 Hex Heavy Assembly Bolt $485 1 inch X 4-1/4 inch A325 TC Bolt Assembly with A563 DH Heavy Hex Industrial Scientific Fasteners Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Assembly,with,Bolt,TC,4-1/4,1,$485,Heavy,inch,Hex,inch,A325,DH,/diglot1176748.html,avon-city.ru,X,A563

Albuquerque Mall New Shipping Free 1 inch X 4-1 4 A325 TC with DH A563 Hex Heavy Assembly Bolt

1 inch X 4-1/4 inch A325 TC Bolt Assembly with A563 DH Heavy Hex


1 inch X 4-1/4 inch A325 TC Bolt Assembly with A563 DH Heavy Hex

Product description

Tension Control ( T.C. ) Bolts (also called Breakaway Bolts) are heavy duty bolts used in construction. The head is domed and is not to be driven. The end of the shank is splined which prevents the bolt from turning when the nut is torqued.

1 inch X 4-1/4 inch A325 TC Bolt Assembly with A563 DH Heavy Hex

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