Mini,Projector,Portable,Electronics , Video Projectors,/diglot1106248.html,Gift,Ou,Cartoon,Kids,for,Projector,LSGMC,$202, $202 LSGMC Mini Projector,Portable Projector for Cartoon,Kids Gift,Ou Electronics Video Projectors LSGMC Mini Projector OFFicial Portable for Kids Cartoon Gift Ou Mini,Projector,Portable,Electronics , Video Projectors,/diglot1106248.html,Gift,Ou,Cartoon,Kids,for,Projector,LSGMC,$202, LSGMC Mini Projector OFFicial Portable for Kids Cartoon Gift Ou $202 LSGMC Mini Projector,Portable Projector for Cartoon,Kids Gift,Ou Electronics Video Projectors

Tulsa Mall LSGMC Mini Projector OFFicial Portable for Kids Cartoon Gift Ou

LSGMC Mini Projector,Portable Projector for Cartoon,Kids Gift,Ou


LSGMC Mini Projector,Portable Projector for Cartoon,Kids Gift,Ou

Product description

The Android 4.4.2 system can be equipped with some APP software. You can watch TV movies online by connecting to WIFI.You can also download some actual office application software such as WPS, you can read PPT, Excel, word files.
Wireless Screen Mirroring: Supports smartphone wireless WiFi connection.You can make enjoyment anytime, anywhere to make your life easier and happier.
Display: LCD.
Light Source: LED.
Native Resolution: 800x480 Pixels.
Projection Distance: 1-3m.

Packing List:
1* Projector.
1* Remote Control.
1* Power Cord.
1* User Manual.
1* Lens Cover.
1* Video Cable.

LSGMC Mini Projector,Portable Projector for Cartoon,Kids Gift,Ou

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