The Ranking TOP8 Guns of Navarone Blu-ray Movies TV , Blu-ray,Navarone,The,of,$21,,[Blu-ray],Guns,/diglot1036148.html The Ranking TOP8 Guns of Navarone Blu-ray $21 The Guns of Navarone [Blu-ray] Movies TV Blu-ray $21 The Guns of Navarone [Blu-ray] Movies TV Blu-ray Movies TV , Blu-ray,Navarone,The,of,$21,,[Blu-ray],Guns,/diglot1036148.html

The Ranking TOP8 Guns of Navarone 2021 Blu-ray

The Guns of Navarone [Blu-ray]


The Guns of Navarone [Blu-ray]

From the manufacturer

Guns of Navarone 60th Anniversary Debut of 4K UHD

Guns of Navaronne

Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn and David Niven are Allied saboteurs assigned an impossible mission: infiltrate an impregnable German-held island and destroy the two enormous long-range field guns that prevent the rescue of 2,000 trapped British soldiers. Supported by an all-star cast and produced on a grand scale, the film was an enormous success, receiving seven 1961 Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture) and winning for Best Special Effects. Co-starring Gia Scala, Irene Papas and James Darren.

• Featuring fully remastered 4K HDR presentation

• Includes all-new Dolby Atmos audio, as well as original theatrical audio

• Included Blu-ray showcases commentaries, documentaries, featurettes and more as special features

The Guns of Navarone [Blu-ray]

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