x,Washable,Extra,for,72,Dogs,,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Pup,Large,Puppy,/cosmocratic1106628.html,$25,72,Yangbaga,avon-city.ru,in,Pad $25 Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad for Dogs, 72 x 72 in Washable Pup Pet Supplies Dogs Yangbaga Extra Large Max 68% OFF Puppy Pad for 72 Washable in Pup x Dogs x,Washable,Extra,for,72,Dogs,,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Pup,Large,Puppy,/cosmocratic1106628.html,$25,72,Yangbaga,avon-city.ru,in,Pad Yangbaga Extra Large Max 68% OFF Puppy Pad for 72 Washable in Pup x Dogs $25 Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad for Dogs, 72 x 72 in Washable Pup Pet Supplies Dogs

Yangbaga Extra Large Max 68% OFF Puppy Pad for 72 Washable in Pup x Dogs Quality inspection

Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad for Dogs, 72 x 72 in Washable Pup


Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad for Dogs, 72 x 72 in Washable Pup

From the brand

washable pee pads for dogs
elevated dog bowls
For a better life for pets and owners.

Our story

How we got our start?
“Yangbaga” was founded and registered in the US soil in 2017. We did our research and found out that many owners have been using disposable pee pads for puppies which they have to buy and throw every week. Then half a year later we came up with a washable version. That’s how we start our career.
What makes our product unique?
We work closely with our manufacturers to make sure we can offer products of top quality and make them affordable to everyone.
Why we love what we do?
We love dogs and cats and that brought us together. To provide solutions for pets owners and better products for little animals so they can live a better life, we dedicated our time and effort to continuously find new proucts that make a difference and to upgrade them so we can make the best of it.

Product Description

Yangbaga has been an expert in pet supplies industry for years because we love little animals and we're willing to dedicate our life to creat a better life for them. This is one of our upgraded products. We did our research about how a dog pee pad can be of its most function for puppies. We found out that dispossible pads can be easily chewed up by puppies which could be a serious damage to their digestive system. A good pee pad means it absorbs urine efficiently without spreading awful smells which is exactly what we've been trying to achive and what this pad can do. We thought about how active puppies can be while training them, so we add a layer of rubber bulges on the backside of the pad to make it stay still but don't worry, they does no harm to the floor. And it can be directly machine washed over 2-300 times. Big enough, thick enough, comfortable enough.

Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad for Dogs, 72 x 72 in Washable Pup

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