$38 Custom Monogram Letter Wooden Door Hanger Wreath Handmade Products Home Kitchen Wreath,$38,Monogram,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,avon-city.ru,Hanger,Wooden,Door,Letter,Custom,/confusticate1079449.html Custom Monogram Super popular specialty store Letter Wooden Hanger Door Wreath Wreath,$38,Monogram,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,avon-city.ru,Hanger,Wooden,Door,Letter,Custom,/confusticate1079449.html Custom Monogram Super popular specialty store Letter Wooden Hanger Door Wreath $38 Custom Monogram Letter Wooden Door Hanger Wreath Handmade Products Home Kitchen

Custom Monogram Super popular specialty store Letter Animer and price revision Wooden Hanger Door Wreath

Custom Monogram Letter Wooden Door Hanger Wreath


Custom Monogram Letter Wooden Door Hanger Wreath

This listing is for a CUSTOM monogram door hanger approx 24 inches around. It Will be painted in a neutral ivory color accented with a bow of your choice. You cannot find this in any stores!! This monogram is perfect for all seasons and will coordinate with any house colors. Being 24 inches around, you will definitely be able to see this from the street!! Like all door wreaths, this is best placed under an overhang to protect from the elements....as this is cut from a manufactured mdf board wood and cannot be exposed to direct rain. **Note: Only the front of this monogram will be painted...not the sides and back Don't like these colors?? No problem...I LOVE custom orders!! A monogram is typically: For individual: it is the first name initial, last name initial, middle initial (for example: Josephine Faye Martin would be: JMF For couple: traditionally its ladies first! wife's first name initial, last name initial, husband's first initial (for example: Josie and Quentin Martin would be: JMQ It is perfectly acceptable to put EITHER name first:) Thank you for looking!!

Custom Monogram Letter Wooden Door Hanger Wreath



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