Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for 48"X78" 15lbs 130-1 Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Adults avon-city.ru,Home Kitchen , Bedding,48"X78",/circumaxillary1468268.html,Calming,130-1,$60,Adults,Weighted,Blanket,15lbs,Daverose,for $60 Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for Adults 15lbs 48"X78" 130-1 Home Kitchen Bedding avon-city.ru,Home Kitchen , Bedding,48"X78",/circumaxillary1468268.html,Calming,130-1,$60,Adults,Weighted,Blanket,15lbs,Daverose,for $60 Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for Adults 15lbs 48"X78" 130-1 Home Kitchen Bedding Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for 48"X78" 15lbs 130-1 Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Adults

Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for 48

Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for Adults 15lbs 48"X78" 130-1


Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for Adults 15lbs 48"X78" 130-1

Product Description

Hi! My name is Daverose Weighted Blanket!

Great to know you as my good friend here, our story begins when you click on this link! :)

Daverose is a professional design and production weighted blanket company, which focuses on home textile for more than 15 years.

Daverose is the forerunner in the development of weighted blankets. We are continuously bringing our new weighted blankets!

Upgraded One Piece Design Weighted blanket

Daverose weighted blanket

Breathable Cotton Fabric

We only use pure organic cotton, healthy for our skin. So you get a beautifully soft and airy blanket without feeling too hot.

  • Breathable, enjoy the comfort without working up a sweat
  • Skin-friendly cotton is perfect for your body temperature
  • Good moisture absorption, keep your skin comfortable
  • Odorless and moisture-resistant, enabling hot sleepers to stay drier and cooler




weighted blanket weighted blanket weighted blanket weighted blanket weighted blanket
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Design Bamboo Grey Smaller Pockets Cotton Grey Minky One piece Navy Minky One Piece Azurite Minky One Piece Violet
Material Type Cooling Bamboo Premium Cotton Luxury Minky Luxury Minky Luxury Minky
Weights Choice 15lbs 17lbs 20lbs 15lbs 17lbs 20lbs 15lbs 20lbs 5lbs 7lbs 10lbs 12lbs 15lbs 5lbs 7lbs 10lbs 12lbs 15lbs
Size of body 48"x78" 60"x80" 48"x78" 60"x80" 48"x78" 60"x80" 36"x48" 38"x62" 48"x78" 36"x48" 38"x62" 48"x78"
Machine Washable

Daverose Calming Weighted Blanket for Adults 15lbs 48"X78" 130-1



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