Initials Direct sale of manufacturer B.B. Vinyl Initials Direct sale of manufacturer B.B. Vinyl $37 Initials B.B. [Vinyl] CDs Vinyl International Music,/circumaxillary1360668.html,Initials,[Vinyl],$37,B.B.,CDs Vinyl , International Music,/circumaxillary1360668.html,Initials,[Vinyl],$37,B.B.,CDs Vinyl , International Music $37 Initials B.B. [Vinyl] CDs Vinyl International Music

Initials Direct sale of manufacturer B.B. Over item handling ☆ Vinyl

Initials B.B. [Vinyl]


Initials B.B. [Vinyl]

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His 1968 album to the one and only Brigitte Bardot. Includes the hits, 'Initials B.B.', 'Bonnie amp; Clyde', 'Comic Strip', 'Ford Mustang' and more standards recorded in London by Giorgio Gomelsky (Rolling Stones, Yardbirds etc.).TracklistA1 Initials B.B. 3:27 A2 Comic Strip 2:10 A3 Bloody Jack 2:41 A4 Dr Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde 1:59 A5 Torrey Canyon 2:42 A6 Shu Ba Du Loo Ba 2:06 B1 Ford Mustang 2:00 B2 Bonnie And Clyde 4:15 Arranged By, Conductor [Orchestra] - Michel Colombier Vocals - Brigitte Bardot B3 Black And White 2:10 B4 Qui Est ''In'' Qui Est ''Out'' 2:16 B5 Hold Up 2:17 B6 Marilu 2:34

Initials B.B. [Vinyl]



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