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GBY New item Magazine Rack Side free shipping Sof Table Unit Coffee

GBY Magazine Rack Side Table Coffee Table Magazine Rack Unit Sof


GBY Magazine Rack Side Table Coffee Table Magazine Rack Unit Sof

Product description


If you are looking for the right magazine organizer, not only to keep you organized, but also to make it easy for you to visit, then don't worry, choose our display rack to solve your troubles. The stand is a key factor in presenting your brand at an event, conference, job fair or any other event that requires your booth to talk.

Name: Magazine rack

Material: iron + wood

Color: wood color

Size: 50*35*55cm

Combined installation: self-assembly

Additional features: Multifunction

Applicable occasions: living room, entrance, kitchen, bar, cafe, office, store


*Line bracket base for magazines, books, daily necessities, etc.

* In terms of light, angle, color deviation of the display, personal perception of color, etc., there may be some color difference between the actual product and the photo. The final color is subject to the physical product. If you have any questions, please contact us. Online customer service.

GBY Magazine Rack Side Table Coffee Table Magazine Rack Unit Sof



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